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Hunas Falls Hotel goes for $ 12 m upgrade; signs BOI deal

Hunas Holdings PLC has announced a $ 12 million worth refurbishment initiative at Hunas Falls Hotel.

An agreement to this effect was signed with the Board of Investment (BOI) last week. 

The refurbishment is expected to be completed within a time frame of 20 months. At present Hunas Falls Hotel has 28 Deluxe Rooms, and three suites.

In March this year, Hunas Holdings PLC announced a landmark partnership with Azotels, a company owned and managed by the ‘Hotelier of the Century’, Adrian Zecha.

The partnership will see Azotels developing the Hunas Falls Hotel into a high-end luxury hotel with villas, whilst also undertaking the management of the establishment, which is guaranteed to bring it in line with the best hotels in the world.

Source: Hunas Falls Hotel goes for $ 12 m upgrade; signs BOI deal | Daily FT

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