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New 50$ passenger ferry service between Sri Lanka and India

The governments of Sri Lanka and India have decided to launch a passenger ferry service between Kankesanthurai in Jaffna, Sri Lanka to Karaikal in India from 29th April 2023, it has been reported. 

According to reports, discussions in this regard have been held between the Minister of Ports and Shipping Nimal Siripala de Silva and India’s Foreign Affairs Ministry on Sunday (26).

It has also been decided to establish two Immigration and Emigration offices, one each in Kankesanthurai and Karaikal for this purpose, while preliminary measures have already commenced in this regard. 

Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva has revealed that boats will not be provided initially by the governments of India and Sri Lanka for the ferry service, instead, boats will be provided under the tender called for by the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Under the new passenger ferry programme, a ferry will hold a capacity of a total of 150 passengers with each passenger’s allowed baggage weight of 100 kilos, while the cost of one-way travel is US$ 50. 

Source: https://www.newswire.lk/2023/03/27/new-50-way-to-travel-to-india/?fbclid=IwAR0HL9l3tb7yOHsaODvXFoQ3mct_ecA6zJb7VgloUEZ5PUYFeWGl2HTIsic

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