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Pinnawala Zoo – Sri Lanka’s first Night Safari Zone

The Ministry of Wildlife and Forest Resources Conservation has decided to name the Pinnawala Zoo as Sri Lanka’s first Night Safari Zone, with the intention of attracting both local and foreign tourists.

The Wildlife and Forest Resources Conservation Minister has discussed the problems related to the Pinnawala Zoo and the Elephant Orphanage with the relevant business community.

The business community had presented a proposal regarding the activities to be implemented in the area. The first proposal of the said set of proposals is to maintain Pinnawala Zoo and Elephant Orphanage as a Night Safari Zone.

The business community has pointed out to the Minister that the Government is losing a huge revenue on a daily basis, due to the closure of business activities as the zoo is closed after 5 p.m. 

Accordingly, the minister has asked the Director General of the Department of Zoological Gardens as to whether there is any legal barrier with regard to this matter. As there is no such obstacle, the Minister has instructed the relevant officials to promptly implement the proposal to operate the zoo as a Night Safari Zone.

Source: https://www.themorning.lk/pinnawala-zoo-sls-first-night-safari-zone/

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