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Saraii Village – the true “essence” of Sri Lanka

Saraii Village is an eco-tourism resort in the South of Sri Lanka, built for responsible travelers to experience the true essence of Sri Lankan life, while giving back to the community and the planet. Saraii believes that travel is not just about seeing the new, but about feeling and breathing in a rustic experience that touches your soul. As one of the most eco-conscious hotels in Sri Lanka, Saraii invites the conscientious traveler seeking something off the beaten path, to embrace the Saraii philosophy of respecting the serene environment that surrounds them. Saraii means ‘Essence’ and this unique immersive concept allows visitors to experience authentic Sri Lankan life to the fullest. 

The food served at Saraii’s restaurant “Spice Lounge” offers a unique experience; as food is made to order using fresh, organic, and locally sourced produce found from the locality. A fusion cuisine immersed with authentic flavours and ingredients are offered to guests. 

The resort consists of Tree Houses and Mud Chalets built with local material, using only local labour. It also offers a host of community immersion experiences aimed at augmenting community income, spanning from lunch at a farmer’s home, fishing with a local fisherman, visits to local craft and cottage industries, such as pottery making, Palmyrah weaving, buffalo curd making, etc

Saraii employs only locals from the community and the indirect community income benefit is spread over 30 plus families directly involved as partners in the community immersion experiences; and with over 20 local vendors and service providers.

Saraii was founded by Charitha. A dynamic Fullbright scholar armed with knowledge on Global Social Sustainable Enterprises; her passionate determination to explore sustainable tourism and share the intricacies of her motherland with the world, led her to create what has become one of the most discerning eco hotel concepts in the country. Awarded as the “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2015, the “Zonta Women Achievement Award” for 2017, “TrailBlazer in Tourism by the American Alumni Association” in 2018 and the Ernst & Young Winning Woman Asia Pacific in 2020; Charitha’s vision continues to enchant visitors who enter Saraii seeking a holiday, but leave completely transformed with the magical heartbeat of Sri Lanka pounding in their veins.

Visit Saraii: http://www.saraiivillage.com/

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