The Archaeological Survey in Neelagiri seya Area in Lahugala of Ampara District – Interim Report


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Raj Somadeva PhD

Postgraduate Institute of Archaeology


An Archaeological Survey in Neelagiri seya Areawas conducted by the Postgraduate Institute of Archaeology in the area around Nilgiri stupa- a colossal ruined stupa- situated in the woods of the Lahugala Wildlife sanctuary of the Ampara District of the Eastern Province. This survey was initiated as a pre-requisite of the proposed restoration of the central stupa, which is the main focus of the site. Fieldwork was started on 20th June 2011 by a team consisting of 13 archaeologists. The survey was funded by the Department of Archaeology on behalf of the Ministry of National Heritage.

To approach the site, one has to follow a considerably long way from the Monaragala-Potuvil main road from its 305-kilometer post. There is a gravel road to the right of the main road

at this point leading to the Nilgiri stupa. The road is fairly good up to HädaOya which flows about 3km away from the main road. To cross the river and reach the site is on a tractor, as the road has not been developed yet.

Download the complete report in PDF.

Neelagiriseya Survey 2011 – The Interim Report


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