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Thotupola Residence, Kandy

The dream of waking up to the beautiful scenery of the Mahaweli river is made true at the Thotupola Residence, Kandy. In contrast to the city area, this sprawling spot abounds in peace and lush green. Established in the year 2012, Thotupola Residence is a blend of eco-tourism and local cuisine. Thotupola consists of eight rooms built under several thoughts such as eco-friendly environment, go green concept, home stay concept, and family-friendly environment. The prime attention of the homestay is shed on Sri Lankan authentic cuisine, authentic spices, and culture.   

Preserving the utmost privacy and serenity, the boutique hotel can accommodate 24 pax at a time. The essence of Sri Lankan cuisine is added at “Sulochana’s Kitchen”, which is the restaurant’s meal preparation area converted into a hands-on live cooking experience for its tourists. The special recipes are not secrets to the visitors. In fact, visitors, despite their age, receive an exclusive chance to engage in traditional cooking sessions, local food experiments.

From the homestay, one can easily reach the Mahaweli river, suspension bridge, war cemetery, and Royal Botanical Gardens, and enjoy a village walk, Indulge in the goodness of freshly baked buns at the village bakery (dara poranu).

The utmost dedication and effort of the family of three, Sulochana, her husband, and son, have brought a charm to the pearl of the Indian ocean. If your expectation is a peaceful vacation in mild warm weather, Thotupola Residence is a definite visit for your bucket list.      


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