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‘TUI Mein Schiff 5’ makes her maiden call to Colombo

Boosting the revival of the tourism industry in Sri Lanka, Hapag Lloyd Lanka ushered in the super luxury cruise ‘Mein Schiff 5’ on November 29, at the Port of Colombo. After the shore excursions within the day, the cruise docked at the Port of Hambantota on November 30, 2022, with more than 2,000 passengers (mostly European) and 900 crew members onboard.

As this is the maiden call of Mein Schiff 5 to Port of Colombo and Hambantota, a ceremonious event to exchange the plaques between the captain with crew and the port officials were taken place.

Aitken Spence Travels is the shore excursion partner for TUI Mein Schiff 5 in Sri Lanka. It offered excursions to majority of the passengers covering locations and tours such as Colombo City tours, walking tours, panoramic Colombo tours, tuk-tuk tours, Muthurajawela boat safari tours, temple tours to Kelaniya, agro village, tea plantations, Sigiriya by air taxi, Galle day tours, beach breaks, Madu ganga river safaris and cultural shows. The excursions were designed to create memories in Sri Lanka through experiences with culture, cuisine, architecture, heritage and way of life.

It is encouraging to see efforts materialize with the active involvement of the Aitken Spence Group in the maritime sector and tourism sector to offer comprehensive synergized services whilst bringing the much-needed foreign exchange into the country.

Hapag Lloyd Lanka, a subsidiary of the Aitken Spence Group are the agents for TUI cruises.Mein Schiff 5 is owned by the German operator TUI cruises.

Source: https://www.dailynews.lk/2022/11/29/business/292066/super-luxury-cruise-%E2%80%98mein-schiff-5%E2%80%99-call-colombo-h%E2%80%99tota-ports

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