Let us ensure that you wear a Big smile when you are with us in sri Lanka

Lying in the sprawling Indian ocean to the south west of the bay of Bengal and to the south east of the Arabian sea , Sri Lanka gives million experiences in one island .Authenticity and diversity offered in a tiny beautiful island known as the pearl of the indian ocean are what attract the globe trotter . Pristine beaches to misty hills ,rain forests to arid plains and ancient ruins to modern architecture are the cynosure that makes the travelers to fall in love with this mesmerizing destination.

Known for its inherent hospitality , Sri Lank is a touristic island that treats the guests really well .Hence, We at big smile voyages are here to enthrall you ensuring that you will always receive a warm big smile from the islanders while you will wear a jovial big smile during your stay with us

Let us guide you to a million experiences in one island….

Certificate of registration as a travel agent – SLTDA/SQA/TA/02018

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