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Explore the Heart of Sri Lanka’s Culture and Heritage

Welcome to an enchanting journey through the rich tapestry of Sri Lanka’s history and culture. Our Culture & Heritage Tour is a 14-day adventure that immerses you in the captivating stories, ancient wonders, and breathtaking landscapes of this beautiful island nation.

From the bustling cosmopolitan capital of Colombo, where the echoes of Portuguese, Dutch, and British rule still resonate in the historic streets, to the iconic Sigiriya Rock Fortress, known as the “Fortress in the Sky,” you’ll traverse through time and tradition.

Discover the marvels of the Dambulla Rock Cave Temple, explore the ancient city of Polonnaruwa, and witness the wild beauty of Minneriya National Park, where herds of Asian elephants gather at the watering holes.

Journey into the cool, misty hills of Nuwara Eliya, often called “Little England,” and trek through the cloud forests of Horton Plains National Park to witness World’s End, a breathtaking precipice with views that seem to stretch to infinity.

As you journey from the hills to the wild jungle of Yala and along the scenic coastal belt, explore the historic Dutch Fort of Galle and savor the flavors of fresh seafood. Finally, unwind on the sun-kissed beaches of Bentota and experience the tranquility of the Madhu River.

Throughout your adventure, you’ll be embraced by the warmth of Sri Lankan hospitality, savor delectable cuisine, and create memories that will leave you with a lasting big smile. Join us on this immersive Culture & Heritage Tour and unlock the secrets of the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean.”

Your journey begins here.


Tour Amenities

Tour Plan

Today is your first day in Sri Lanka. Upon our warm greetings we will take you to the city by the sea. It is the capital of Sri Lanka which is almost a cosmopolitan capital. Its rich history dating back to many a century is a narration of the influence the city has had from the Portuguese, Dutch and British rule. City is semblance of the immersion of the history and modern urban life style. Independence square, National Museum, Dutch hospital, the Galle face promenade are some of the world known sites with a historical back ground.

Overnight stay – Colombo

After breakfast, you will take the drive to Dambulla. En-route you will visit Elephant Orphanage in Pinnawala. You can see Elephants Bathing and feeding at the orphanage.
Dambulla, is the home of the famous Dambulla Rock Cave Temple, with its marvelous Buddhist Statues and frescoes dating back to our ancient times, all inside of an amazing cave. There 163 Buddha statues inside the cave temple and it is like a gateway to witness historical sites within the next few days.

Overnight stay – Dambulla /Habarana


Well on these two days you will start a journey through the annals of Sri Lanka’s history .It will include climbing the world famous Sigiriya Rock fortress which is massive rock rising out of the otherwise flat plains .On top of the rock one shall observe ancient fortress ,palace ,temple and ruins of a kingdom .Sigirya is a “ UNESCO World Heritage Site” and the 5th Century “ Fortress in the Sky” which is perhaps the most fantastic single wonder of the Island.In the afternoon we will take you for a trek in the Hiriwadunna village at Habarana which is a model Sri Lankan village where you will take a boat ride in the lake ,engage in a bullock cart ride and enjoy a Sri Lankan lunch and visit a Chena cultivation . In the evening we will ensure that you will relax and get yourself treated at an ayurvedhic spa.

Polonaruwa / Minneriya

We will take you to the ancient city of Polonnaruwa and Minneriya national park today.
Polonnaruwa was one time an administrative centre of Rajarata. It was the Sinhalese kingdom from which the kings ruled the whole island for period spanning from 11th century to 1310 CE. The city is full of ruins and ramparts. Buddha statues in Gal Vihara, Seven storied Satmahal Prasada, Moonstone of Polonnaruwa, Parakrama Samudra tank, Shiva Devalaya in Polonnaruwa, dating back to the early years of Chola rule in Ceylon. On your way back, you will surely be amazed with your visit to Minneriya national park wherein you will take jeep safari to witness the wild life, especially the oodles of Asian elephants that come in group to enjoy the waters of the Minneriya tank.

Overnight stay – Dambulla/Habarana

Dambulla / Kandy

On your 05th day you will be going to Kandy which is the hill capital of the country and world heritage site. Enroot you shall visit a spice garden in Matale where you will be able to learn further details about what you have probably heard about Sri Lanka spices . Kandy is a picturesque city. It is where the world famous place of Buddhists’ worship: Tempe of Tooth Relic is situated at. Hence it is a must visit place where you will pay homage to lord Buddha .City tour in the upper & lower lake drives , patronizing an evening cultural dance show , a meal at a sublime downtown restaurant are things you should never miss out when you are in Kandy

Kandy /Nuwara eliya

As you move out to leave the hill capital and reach another beautiful city, you will be able to visit the Peradeniya botanical garden, gem museum, tea estate/factory and enjoy a freshly brewed cup of Ceylon tea which is appreciated by the tea drinkers in the world. Your camera will be busy as you want to stop at a few waterfalls or mountain cliffs to take souvenir snap shots. NUWARA ELIYA is the “Little England” of Sri Lanka, which is set against beautiful backdrops of Mountains, Valleys, Waterfalls and Tea Plantations. All around Nuwara Eliya you will see evidence of the British influence, houses like country cottages or Queen Ann style mansions. The Victoria Park, in the middle of the town, is lovely place for a stroll or a picnic and is also good for Birding as you get some rare birds in this park.

Overnight stay - Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya / Horton plains

After an early breakfast (0600 hours) check out for an excursion to Horton Plains national park, reach the Horton Plains by a jeep which is located 2300m above the sea level. Thereafter enjoy the 09 Km trek (Aprrox. 05 Hours) witnessing the beautiful, silent highlands covered by cloud forest along with a visit to Bakers fall and World’s End. Known to Sri Lankans as Mahaeliya, it became Horton Plains after Sir Robert Horton, British Governor from 1831-1837. Horton Plains became a Nature Reserve in 1969 and upgraded as National Park in 1988 due to its unique watershed and bio-diversity values. WORLD’S END is at Horton Plains. Horton Plains is the Sri Lanka’s highest plateau at an elevation of 7,200 ft. the central mountains and is known as the “Cloud Forest”.

Overnight stay – Nuwara Eliya


Today your journey will start from Nwuara Eliya and end in Yala which is one of the largest national parks in Sri Lanka. On your way down to Yala you will spend some time in Ella which is blessed with some of the most beautiful views, you could find in Sri Lanka. Some of the places you could see in Ella are the Ella Gap, Ravana Ella Falls, Little Adam's Peak and Bambaragala Peak among the other many stunning scenery.


Today you are in Yala. Your day will include a visit to Yala on a jeep safari, Kataragama Temple, and relaxation. Yala reserve is parkland, but it also contains jungle, beaches, freshwater lakes and rivers and scrubland. The latter zone is punctuated with enormous rocky outcrops. The range of habitats gives rise to a good range of wildlife. Yala has the world's highest concentration of Leopards, although seeing this largely nocturnal carnivore still requires some luck. There are good numbers of Asian Elephants, Crocodile, Wild Boar, Water Buffalo and Grey langurs amongst other large animals

Overnight stay in Yala


Today you will reach Galle and will discover the Dutch Fort of Galle which also a UNESCO World heritage Site. Galle can be called one of the Sri Lanka’s most historically interesting towns. It was a major port until about 100 years, but today still handles shipping and sailing boats in the natural harbor.

Stroll around the lighthouse and harbor or visit the old town where you can see the traditional lace makers and wood carvers and purchase some the finest souvenirs. And most importantly a visit the Dutch fort is things you can do in Galle. Since you stay two days here you will be able to experience real sea food, whale watching, fishing and some adventure like diving and snorkeling

Overnight stay – Galle

Galle /Bentota

You have to more days left. But it is going to be interesting. In Bentota and surfing area you can do many things of recreation. You may lie on the beach to enjoy the tropical sun or engage in some water sports activities .Treat yourself with a good herbal therapy and good food. Nearby toursist city Hikkaduwa offers similar interests. A ride on the Madhu River and boating across mangroves are things you should not be hesitant to do

Today is the day you check out to leave back to your country. We have experienced that our guests always fly out with a big smile …so we will not be surprised to see your big smile too. Go home safe and come again.

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